Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is an endless runner game developed by Google and built into the Google Chrome web browser. Dino Game is the famous and legendary 2D arcade game in which you have to assist the dinosaur T-Rex across the vast desert, jumping over cactuses and dodging pterodactyls for as long as possible. The player guides a pixelated T-Rex across the vast desert, avoiding obstacles to achieve a higher score.

Dinosaur Game is also referred to as Chrome Dino, T-Rex Game, Dino Run or No Internet Game. You start the game by clicking the spacebar on your keyboard, on mobile tab the dino once. Jump over a variety of plants and cactus using the spacebar or by tapping. How high can you score?

Controls :
  • Press "Space" or Tap on Screen to jump your Dino and start the game. arrow down to duck
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