Subway Surfers Zurich, This edition includes the return of hugo as a prize of the season hunt, with a new outfit called pirate outfit, It also gave a new hoverboard animation. A famous street performer and bully named Jack visit largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zürich as part of their world tour. On one of the buildings of the city, he decided to leave his business card. This is a drawing on the wall, But the trouble behind this occupation is the police. Now our hero will need to hide from their pursuit, so as not to go to prison. You in the game Subway Surfers Zurich will help him in this and you have to avoid the trains, roadblocks, and any other kinds of obstacles in the way, in order to advance a big distance, and increase your score along the way by collecting as many coins as possible. Flee through the subway tracks avoiding all the obstacles in your path, through dark tunnels, and dodging trains headed straight for you. In front of you on the screen you will see city roads along which your character will run at full speed. Watch your step and put your reflexes to the limit as any failure will mean your capture and the end of the game.

Controls :

  • Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
  • Up Arrow = Jump
  • Down Arrow : Roll
  • Space = Activate Hoverboard

You can see other side missions in the MyTour section at the top of the main page.

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