Zuma deluxe is an entertaining game that will make you love it. This version of online is still effective and will delight all fans of the genre, which popularized the style and resulted in many variations. Note that you can play Zuma full screen. The meaning of the game is to prevent the penetration of balls of different colors into the ground hole.

The jewels flow like water in the beautiful world of zuma. all you have to do is collect them in time. If you don't, the treasures will fall into the void and be lost forever! That's not good enough. Be quick to gather all of the gems before they vanish! The most crucial aspect is to accurately match the colors: yellow to gold, rubies to rubies, etc. Get bonus points by making color combinations of the same color! Get the treasure before it's too late, there's not enough for everyone! To shoot, move your cursor and click the left mouse button.

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