Subway Surfers World Tour List

The global phenomenon continues! Travel to a new city every month with Jake, Tricky and their roster of friends from all around the world. Escape the grumpy guard, avoid oncoming trains and collect special hunt tokens in one of the best endless runners of all time. Learn everything about the Subway Surfers World Tour destinations, as you cruise through history and explore characters, boards and cities!

You can play the game for free in your browser without having to download the game. Play Subway Surfers using your keyboard and mouse. You can even access full-screen mode on your PC. Enjoy the game!

With the arrow keys you move left, right, jump, and slide, using these actions to get past all the trains, roadblocks, and any other kinds of obstacles you are going to encounter down the road because bumping into them means being caught by the police officer that is chasing you down for graffiti.

Grab the surfboard upgrade and press space to activate it, using it to get ahead even faster, and, as you would expect from the format, you need to try collecting as many coins along the course as possible, because the more of them you have, the bigger your score becomes, allowing you to unlock new boards, skins, and characters!

Surely you’ve understood everything required of you so far, so you should now be ready to give this game your best, of course, and we hope to see you try out even more of them down the line!

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